11 Dec

Congratulations to me!!! 

This past Friday was my first year as a business owner! 

There are several things I/the company accomplished this year, including: 

- finished my six-book series 

- spoke at a few events 

- vend at several events 

- live interviews

- start a book club 

- supply food to a family for Thanksgiving 

- give toys to children for Christmas

- networking 

- start a screenplay

- conduct international business 

- became a life coach 

- featured in a magazine

That's just to name a few 😀. It has been a good year for me and I look forward to a better year in 2019!

Thanks for your love and support throughout this year! 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until the next blog, I pray God's favor and blessings on your life!


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